Proceedings Submission

Publishing your work in the Conference Proceedings is optional. However, if you would like to see your paper in print, the College of LLL allows for every presenter of the Graduate Student Conference to submit their work for publication. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, especially if you are seeking your first publication credential or if you are pursuing an advanced degree in the future (e.g., current MA student interested in pursuing a doctorate degree afterwards).

After the initial submission, a team of copy-editors and editors will help edit your paper and will provide feedback on your submission. We ask that you follow the provided deadlines (coming soon) for the initial submission and any follow up submissions in order to not delay the publication of the proceedings.

To help with the editing process and to ensure we produce a professional product, please see the attached two documents with helpful guidelines. Please use the formatting of the “Style Sheet” when formatting your first submission, as it will streamline the editing and publishing process. Also, please ensure that each document you send has your name as the file name (e.g., a paper belonging to John Smith can be saved as “John Smith_Conf Proceedings“). We really appreciate your contribution to the proceedings and look forward to receiving your paper!

Style Sheet (.docx)
Guidelines for Submissions (PDF) – coming soon