Keynote Speaker (2013)


Engaged Language Research and Practice


Professional associations, higher education institutions, and scholar-activists are increasingly acknowledging the value of engaged research and practice.  University programs such as the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia University promote  a “full participation” diversity and public engagement framework that focuses on enabling people across identities, backgrounds, and institutional positions to realize their capabilities, engage in meaningful institutional life and enable others to do the same (Sturm et al, 2012).  Networks of scholars and communities are also being formed, notably the Urban Research-Based Action Network (URBAN) designed to foster engaged research across university disciplines and within communities.  Building on current trends and the historical legacy of equity scholarship in linguistics and applied linguistics (e.g. Hymes, Hornberger, Labov, Lippi-Green, Rickford, Shohamy, Heller), this presentation explores the potential for engaged research and practice across LLL multilingual/ bilingual and foreign, heritage, indigenous and second language fields.   In seeking “full participation”, the presenter suggests the centrality of engaged dialogic processes towards gaining and raising awareness across communities (institutions and people) of the potential for research, curriculum, pedagogy, and programs that are meaningful and inclusive.

Biography of the Keynote Speaker

Kathryn A. Davis

Kathryn A. Davis’ scholarly interests focus on Language Policy and Planning that draws on engaged ethnography to explore equity and agency across language situations and interdisciplinary fields. Her most recent theoretical work and research involves collaboration with students, colleagues, and communities as represented in the following publications and presentations: “Multicultural Education as Community Engagement: Policies and Planning in a Transnational Era (Davis, Phyak and Bui, 2012); Ethnographic Approaches to Second Language Acquisition in the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics (Davis, K., 2012); Language and Literacy Acquisition Theories in the Handbook of Educational Theory (Davis, K., Ovando, C. & Minami, M., 2012). She additionally worked with young scholars in organizing the 2012 Invited Session on Language Policy and Planning from Within: Local Ethnographers Engaging Communities at the American Anthropology Association conference. She is a guest editor for an upcoming thematic issue on Engaged Language Policy and Planning, based on a 2011 AAAL collaboratively organized session on this topic. In Fall 2013 she will be working with colleagues and graduates students in Luxembourg/Europe on research concerning “Language, Identity, and Agency at Transnational Crossroads: Language Planning for Diversity”.

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