Schedule (2012)

On-site Registration
Coffee and Breakfast
Dean’s Welcome
Opening Keynote Address

Presentation Block 1
Dzulfikri Mawardi, Webster 103
Javanese Speakers Attitudes Towards Javanese
Yunchuan Chen, Webster 102
Syntactic Structures of Japanese Possessive Passive
Mick Churchman, Webster 113
Patterns of Phonosemantics in the Japanese Sound Symbolic System
Eve Millet, Webster 112
The Importance of Language in the Development of Cultural Citizenship
Stephen Moody, Webster 114
Praise and Critique in L2 Language Socialization of Japanese Language Learners

Presentation Block 2
Jonathan Trace and Valerie Meier, Webster 103
Using a mixed-methods design for evaluation in EAP
Matthew Nelson, Webster 102
Soy Filipino y Hablo Espanyol: Spanish Language Motivation and Post-Colonial Identity Among Filipino Learners
Jessica Seid, Webster 113
Phonemic distinction loss in monolingual and bilingual infants: A preliminary look
Victoria Chen, Webster 112
Split Intransitivity in Mandarin Chinese 
Jenna Pak, Webster 114
The educational affordances of Minecraft in an ESL classroom: A proposal

Presentation Block 3
Matthew Barbee, Juan Escalona and Jennifer Holdway, Webster 103
Needs Analysis to Curriculum Design and Implementation: A new ESL program for a migrant Micronesian population in Hawaii
Megumi Tsuchida, Webster 102
Decreasing use of interactional particles—ga, ke, ya, ze, wa and ine: The Toyama dialect and its standardization in Japanese
Jonny Kim, Webster 113
Korean Subsyllabic Representation of Adults and Children
Jing Paul, Webster 112
The Charm of a New Series of Publications: Helping You Gain Access to Chinese Language and Culture
Crystal Valliant, Webster 114
Tōno’s Geography of Distance and Isolation: Creating a Place of Fushigi in the Early 20th Century Discourse


Presentation Block 4
Hyeyeon Kim, Webster 102
Korean Mass/Count Noun Distinction
Lori Ward, Webster 113
The impact of nationalism on the regional languages of France
Emerson Odango, Webster 112
Indexing regional identities of Mortlockese through code-switching
Susanne DeVore, Webster 114
Humor in Chinese and English

Presentation Block 5
Sean Forte, Webster 103
Beyond Comprehension: Observing Patterns of Learner Reaction to Written Texts
Cheng-Chuen Kuo, Webster 102
The origin of marked order in Truku Seediq clitic pronoun clusters
Jennifer Holdway, Webster 113
Language Access to Public Services: Language Policy and Policy Implementation
James Scanlon-Canegata, Webster 112
Dating the Language of Saibara Heian Court Songs
Christopher Smith, Webster 114
Narrative Agency and Narrative Complicity: Metafiction in Interactive Narratives 

Presentation Block 6
Gavin Lamb, Webster 103
Mister, What Happened to the Fan?: Rapport Management in a Hawaii Public School Classroom
Noriko Noma, Webster 102
Differences in Japanese Productive Skills among Japanese as Heritage Language Learners and Japanese as a Foreign Language Learners
Hammal Al Bulushi, Webster 113
Balochi and Arabic Languages Contact in the Sultanate of Oman
Daisuke Kimura, Webster 112
Study Abroad and English as a Lingua Franca: A case study in Thailand
Ākeamakamae Kiyuna, Webster 114
‘O ka ‘Ōlelo ke Ka‘ā o ka Mauli: Hawaiian Language, Culture and Identity

Closing Keynote Address
Post-Conference Pau Hana (tentative, location TBA)

*Lunch options will be available for purchase for $11-13 for those who indicated during pre-registration that they were interested.