Annual LLL Graduate Student Conference (2019)

23rd Annual Graduate Student Conference of the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature

Storytelling: The Art of Translation

Saturday, April 20, 2019
(1777 East-West Road, Honolulu HI)

The conference invites papers exploring storytelling as translation and translation as storytelling. Both storytelling and translation establish relations of equivalence between different languages, codes, places, and time zones. What are the limits and possibilities of seeing translation as an art form, and storytelling as act of interpretation?

The theme for this year’s student conference is “Storytelling: The Art of Translation.” Graduate students from LLL are encouraged to submit their research about language, linguistics, and literature.

This annual student conference has been a part of the the college’s history since 1996. It is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to share their work, while gaining conference presentation exposure in a friendly environment. Conference proceedings are published following the event, further enriching the academic experience.

Keynote Speaker

Anastasia Kostetskaya is an Assistant Professor and Chair of Russian at University of Hawaii, Manoa. She has pursued studies in Linguistics and Russian Culture at Volgograd State Pedagogical University and The Ohio State University, from which she holds PhD degrees. A blended product of two academic systems and research traditions—Russian rigor and American breadth of possibilities—she draws on her diverse backgrounds in Linguistics, Russian and Germanic Studies and Philology, Film, Art History, and Russian Literature in her scholarship. Her interest in language as it used by people, and not just as a formal system, spans a bridge between her research endeavors in the two countries: her monograph Sociolinguistic Characteristics of Students of Cambridge and Harvard (2003) centered on the issues of language and social class in British and American campus fiction, and her new book Iconic Waters of Symbolist Transcendence: Blending Across Time, Media and Genre (2019) also has as one of its major foci cognitive aspects of language.

Professor Kostetskaya’s current research interests synthesize her various research experiences. They fall under two categories, which are continuously expanding. For one, she brings together her explorations in the fields of Russian poetry, painting, and film under the umbrella of cognitive linguistic studies—conceptual integration and iconicity. She also explores topics at the intersection of childhood and violence in literature and visual culture from multiple research perspectives.

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