Course proposals & modifications

UHM-1/UHM-2 forms must be used for course proposals. The UHM-1 is for new courses and the UHM-2 is for modifications/deletions. Be sure to use current versions of the UHM-1 and UHM-2 forms and follow the current guidelines. These forms are fillable and, if you have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software, saveable. Also, when you submit a new course proposal, please make sure that an adequate addendum is attached and go over the LLL new course proposal checklist.

Please submit to the Dean’s office (a) one original hard copy of the UHM-1/UHM-2 form and all supporting documents as well as (b) one pdf file that includes everything. The department Chair’s signature is not necessary for the pdf file as long as the original hard copy is signed.